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"Magnit" is one of the leading retail chains in Russia selling food products, a leader in the number of stores and the geography of their location. The company has more than 28 thousand retail outlets in 67 regions. Almost 17 million customers visit the chain’s stores every day.

Magnit is a unique company in Russian retail. Along with selling goods, the retail chain produces food and owns 20 enterprises for growing mushrooms, vegetables, producing groceries and other products. Magnit is the first retail chain in Russia with its own organic production.

The company’s activities are based on the introduction and use of modern and advanced technologies covering all areas of work.
EFKO is the largest food manufacturer in Russia, a backbone enterprise in the Russian Federation. Annual turnover is more than 275 billion rubles. It specializes in the processing of oilseeds (sunflower, soybeans, rapeseed), the production of packaged oils, fats and margarines, mayonnaise, ketchup and milk yoghurts. Key brands are Sloboda, Pyshka, Altero and Hi! (from the English healthy innovation - “healthy future”). It is actively diversifying its business through the development of its own scientific innovation center, the development of plant-based meat and milk under the Hi! brand, venture investments in food technology and biotechnology. implement fundamentally new ideas.
This is what makes business meaningful and turns a job into a wonderful adventure.

Partner Start-up Valley

Alfa-Bank is the largest universal private bank in Russia. For 30 years, it has held leading positions in all segments of the banking business.

At the end of the first half of 2023, according to the annual accounting (financial) statements under RAS, Alfa-Bank's net profit amounted to 52 billion rubles, and its assets exceeded 6.2 trillion rubles.

The client base is 1.4 million corporate clients and 27.9 million individuals. Alfa-Bank is developing according to the Phygital model, combining digital innovations with an effective network of physical presence, which includes 535 offices in Moscow and Russian regions, more than 2,500 cities with delivery.

Official media partner

The DairyNews
The DairyNews — daily dairy market news.

The DairyNews is a recognized expert on the global milk market and is a partner or member of international organizations and events such as IDF, IFCN, WDS, EuroTier, MilkPoint and others.

The DairyNews is the largest Russian-language specialized media in the global dairy industry. The DairyNews is an influential, authoritative and independent media outlet that publishes dozens of daily updates on the state of the global dairy industry. Since 2014, an independent analytical platform has been developing within The DairyNews — the Center for the Study of the Dairy Market.

The DairyNews readership exceeds 1 million unique visitors, who make more than 4.5 million views per year.